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Memory Care Assistance

The Program Itself

aOur Goals

Memory loss affects the majority of society's elders. The goal of WeCanRemember is to help those in need of functional improvement in memory. This service is provided in-house and is free of charge.


Our Program

WeCanRemember is a four to eight week long program that offers specialized memory care exercises depending on the extent of memory impairment. Continued assistance will hopefully prevent further damage and minimize potential forgetfulness. We’ll do our best to complete the program in four weeks, but will go as long as it takes to do so!

Each meeting will have various memory exercises. A volunteer from WeCanRemember will be sent to the elder's house, and will primarily cover improving memory skills through certain games and activities.

Volunteering Opportunities

We appreciate your consideration in volunteering for WeCanRemember. In order to apply, please send a detailed description explaining why you would like to join and what you would bring to the team.

Send this information to

Registering | Sign up

Thank you so much for considering WeCanRemember as a potential source of memory care. Please give us a call

at 256-763-6098 or email us at to register for
our program. We are happy to offer flexible scheduling to
accommodate your schedule.


About us

This service was created by Nalin Dang-a student at Randolph School in Huntsville,
Alabama-to safeguard the availability of memory care to all. Nalin was troubled by his
grandfather’s difficulties in finding effective memory care and particularly a service that
offered memory care at home. Unable to find such a program at an affordable price,
Nalin decided to build his own in-home memory care program for his grandfather. Nalin
and his grandfather were overjoyed with the results, so Nalin gladly chose to offer memory
care assistance to others in need free-of-charge.



Tel: 256-763-6098

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